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Green Power Racing

Positions on the Greenpower team at OMS include: 

  • Crew Chiefs (manages, coordinates, and oversees work of pit crew) 
  • Pit Crew (pits, pushes, assists with driver changes, makes necessary adjustments and repairs to the car) 
  • Drivers (drives the car, communicates with pit) 
  • Media (creates and manages presentations, takes photos and videos, collects and analyzes data) 

All positions require communication, collaboration, and teamwork. Everyone plays a very important role that is crucial to the success of our awesome team.

Greenpower is a STEM-based program that focuses on hands-on learning with real-world applications. It emphasizes innovation, problem solving, and critical thinking. The goal of Greenpower USA is to advance the understanding of STEM topics and inspire innovation in young people through the immersive experience of designing, building, and racing electric-powered vehicles. 

Being a part of the Greenpower team at OMS is a fun and enriching experience. Students learn and develop new skills in class, at practice, and during races. Race days are always an exciting day where students can showcase their skills and apply the knowledge they’ve learned.