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Oxford Middle School Concert Choir

The Concert Choir is a non-auditioned group of 7th and 8th grade singers.  The OMS Concert Choir has a long tradition of excellence.  They consistently earn Superior Ratings at events and also have several students selected each year to participate in the Alabama All-State Choir Festival.  The choir is divided into 8 classes that meet during the school day as an elective course.  Students learn music theory, sight reading skills, proper vocal technique, and performance technique.  The students have many opportunities throughout the year to participate in various events, including: All-State Choir auditions, Solo and Ensemble, Honor Choir, the Alabama All-State Choir Festival, and State Choral Performance Assessment.  Students are required to participate in two main concerts each year as part of their grade: Winter Concert and Spring Concert.  Students do receive a grade in choir based on three proficiency scales: sight-reading, rehearsal etiquette, and performance etiquette.  Because the choir meets during the school day, many of  our choir members are able to be involved in after school athletic programs and other extracurricular programs.   If you love to sing or just want to learn how to be a better singer, we would love to have you!  Please contact your director, Kristina Sisco for more information on how you can join!
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