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Clubs and Organizations

At OMS, the tapestry of clubs and organizations reflects a diverse spectrum of interests, ensuring there's something for every student eager to engage, connect, and excel.

For the tech-savvy innovators, the Robotics Club serves as a dynamic hub where minds collaborate to engineer solutions and navigate the exciting realm of automation and artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, the JunA club provides a platform for cultural exchange and celebration, fostering understanding and appreciation for diverse traditions and perspectives.

In the spirit of sustainability and environmental stewardship, the Green Power club empowers students to champion eco-friendly initiatives, from recycling drives to renewable energy projects, shaping a greener future for all.

For those with a passion for harmony and melody, the Choir offers a stage to elevate voices in unison, creating breathtaking performances that resonate with audiences far and wide.

In the realm of music, the Band beckons aspiring musicians to unite their talents and create symphonies that captivate hearts and minds, while the Archery club invites students to hone their focus and precision in pursuit of the perfect shot.

Within these clubs and beyond, OMS cultivates not just extracurricular activities, but communities where friendships are forged, talents are nurtured, and aspirations take flight. Each club represents a unique facet of student life, ensuring that OMS is a place where every individual can explore, learn, and thrive.